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AlphaWatch's models keep a human in the loop

Our vision is to safely automate critical workflows.

AlphaWatch uses generative artificial intelligence to power knowledge work.  Our tailored solutions safely automate critical workflows by keeping the human in the loop, reducing burnout and removing inefficiency.  Our vision is for workers to flourish and businesses to capture more value.


We are backed by an experienced management team.

Our management team worked in product management and software engineering as well as financial advisory and investment roles at companies like Amazon, Uber, Plaid and Morgan Stanley.  We are based in New York City and San Francisco. We are backed by YCombinator.

Alphawatch team

Meet our team

Varun Varahabhotla
Varun has worked in product management and software engineering roles at Uber, Amazon Web Services, and Coinbase. He has a degree from Columbia University in computer engineering.
Jackson Chen
Jackson previously worked at Plaid and Google in software engineering roles focused on machine learning infrastructure. He has a degree from Columbia University in computer science.
Rui Ma
Rui has nearly two decades of experience in finance, across investment banking, private equity and venture capital. She has a degree from UC Berkeley in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and an EMBA from INSEAD.

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