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Why AlphaWatch AI?

Streamline your research

Our goal is to make your job easier, and hasten the research stage so you can focus on what matters most: making the right bets.

Quickly validate hypotheses

Our fast response and conversability make it easy for you to complete deep research about companies quickly.

Broad coverage

We support SEC filings, investor filings, news reports, private data sources and much more.

Collaborate effectively

We return specifically where in the document we are pulling our results from, and make it easy for you to share.

Quickly Understand Complex Debates

Research intelligently

Save time copying and pasting your data sources into a word document and instead focus on what matters first.

Get the take home message from company filings
Quantify how markets shift narratives throughout time
Use transcripts to summarize opposing points of view
Leverage years of research to apply timeless wisdom to the present
Why AlphaWatch AI?

Instant Comprehension

AlphaWatch inverses the tedious process of collecting information from an ever-growing list of sources, allowing you to focus in on what the numbers and commentary mean for your investment.

Why AlphaWatch AI?

Trusted Sources

Natural Language Models use billions of interconnected dimensions to contextualize the take home message for you.

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Why AlphaWatch AI?

How it works?

Follow the steps

Ask Any Question

Why did the price change, how has the narrative shifted, which company is more expensive on an EBITDA multiple?

Sourced Data

Our AI model turns to proprietary and industry-specific data to generate a response and intuits the general take home message in seconds

Annotated Research

As you dive down a rabbit-hole of data, AlphaWatch tracks and remembers your session, giving you exported summaries

Ready to go?

Our product saves investment professionals and analysts time so they can speed up decision making and ignore irrelevant noise.

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