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AI / LLM Workflow Automations

Custom AI workflows for finance, with human oversight.

Automate the grind, so that you can do the things that really matter.

We serve Global leading institutional investors and financial service providers
Private Equity
Hedge Funds
Expert Networks
AI-driven processes

Human-in-loop AI Workflow Automation

Currently optimized for finance and traditional industries, and easily adaptable to other use cases.

✦ Flexible modules designed to adapt to your specific needs

✦ Works seamlessly with unstructured data and natural language inputs

✦ Embed into existing workflows for minimal disruption and painless integration
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Unlock knowledge and value

Non-hallucinating Neural Search

Streamlined search backed by robust citations, so you can easily gather data-driven insights.

✦ Multiple file formats and modalities supported

✦ Scalable from single to vast document sets

✦ Elevates customer engagement, improves user retention

✦ Intuitive chatbot interface available
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Equities indexed
Increase revenue and reduce costs

Use Generative AI to Solve Real Business Problems

Search accurately

Citations Based Workflow

Multi-step validation process safeguards against hallucinations
Proprietary vectorization process enhances precision in data representation
Advanced filtering surfaces up to 100 underlying sources / query
AlphaWatch's AI models are multilingual
expand accessibility

Multilingual Models

True multilingual capabilities allow you to engage in Q&A in your chosen language, irrespective of the language of the source documents.

Query in over 100 different languages
Supports multimodal inputs
AlphaWatch's models keep a human in the loop
Automate safely

Complex Human-in-loop Automation

AI can do a lot, but your critical processes need human oversight to ensure unmatched system accuracy and reliability.

Multi-step validation process safeguards against hallucinations
Fully customizable by user
Core Capabilities and Highlights

ML Experts That Help Simplify

The Best AI Models

We use pre-trained, open-source, multiple fine-tuned, and the best and latest commercially available AI models.


Safely automate even the most critical tasks by incorporating an optional human review.

Meaningful Time Savings

Enhance productivity and lower burnout, while increasing speed to better decision making.

Third-party Integrations

We integrate seamlessly with your existing platforms, meeting your business where it is.


Avoid Hallucinations

We use multiple methods, including our specialized knowledge graphs, for additional layers of validation.

Self-improving Models

Your data will be used to improve your AI workflows over time. However, you can also choose to opt out of doing so.


We Ingest All Forms of Unstructured Data

Access and manipulate a diverse range of file formats, including audio and video, for actionable insights.


Customer testimonials

Don't take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say.

"Alphawatch provides real world AI solutions that will revolutionize the way industry research is done in the very near future."

Michael H.
GM, global expert network

“AlphaWatch’s hybrid / neural search is the best I’ve seen for our extensive fundamental research process.”

L. G.
Portfolio Manager, US long-only fund

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